Sunday, October 18, 2009

What would you say to your teenage self?

Dear L, age 15,

What you think is important right now will change drastically. Don't fret about the friendships you've made or the heartbreak you've had. It's all small potatoes. You're going to find that true friends are few and far between. But you're going to find them and it's going to be so wicked, you have no idea!

Keep being an over-achiever. It will be really tough for a while and you might feel like you'll regret putting so much effort into something with no return, but you're learning things now that you'll remember in 10 years and be glad that you did them.

You read people so well. You're only going to get better at it.

You are never alone.

Your family is what will guide you through trying times. Keep believing in and trusting them. They live life truthfully and are the most genuine people you'll ever know. These are invaluable things to learn.

Find joy. Everyday.

Everything happens. Sometimes for a reason, sometimes you make it happen. Either way life is going to happen and just try to learn from it all.

Try to enjoy the next ten years, Luce, you don't need to be wishing you were ahead of the game.
You already are, and always will be.

L. almost age 25


What would you say to your teenage self?


  1. This is an excellent post. It really got me thinking. I guess I would say: enjoy every minute you have with your family, ask Joanne to prom instead of Sara, place some bets on the New England Patriots in the next 5 Super Bowls, go on that trip to Honduras with your uncle, if Faisal says the teacher won't catch you if you skip class he's wrong, that thing called the Internet turns out to be kind of popular, and if someone requests that you join Facebook run away screaming as fast as you can.

    I guess that about covers it.

  2. I would also give a warning about fb!