Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jack Frost is coming.

Seasonal affective disorder is said to be a mood disorder where people who have normal mental health the rest of year get all depressed in the winter months. More specifically the darker months. The symptoms vary. You could experience anything from:
  • feeling down
  • sleeping more than usual
  • little energy
  • craving sweets/starch
So basically hibernating?
(more on S.A.D. at the bottom)

It's too bad humans are not meant to hibernate through the winter. Especially in Montreal. Our winter is wicked. Wicked cold, wicked wet, and wicked lonely because no one wants to leave their cosy apartment. Not to mention getting dressed to go outside is an event itself. Sweater, scarf, hat, mittens, boots... These can all be a lovely excuse to look cute, but seriously, am I the only one who chooses her purple sorels and ski jacket instead of cute furry ankle boots and trench coat to commute to work? I can't even imagine trying to dodge snow puddles in these. I still want to buy them.

I would definitely look cute. But anyone who has spent a winter here knows looking cute is not what it's about. Maybe if you have a car or commute underground and work underground and you live in a building that is attached to a mall and a metro....then I guess it's do-able.

I was having dinner with friends and we were talking about how cold it was getting and if I went out in the winter or if we'd see each other in the coming months. I scoffed and said I don't go out that much anyways! More importantly is the fact that we live less than a block away from each other and if we DON'T see each other I hope I have a better excuse than the fact that it's going to take me longer to get dressed to go outside than it will walking over.

This is a list of the 9 hottest fashion trends for winter. They don't apply to us Montrealers. And if you see anyone wearing any of those things in our fine city... they are freezing, wet and likely complaining to anyone who will listen. Buy a proper jacket, waterproof boots and a cute selection of mittens, hats, scarves. You'll thank me.

I'm not a huge wikipedia fan but the S.A.D. page is pretty legit.
Peep here. If you think you might suffer, read up and buy a light. They're awesome.

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