Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Saturday is the word

Missed opening band at Green Room, Daeyhun told me not to be late. I'm sorry Daeyhun. Saw Jane Vain and the Dark Matter; moody, screamy girl sings about ex-boyfriends. Some catchy moments but mostly too moody. Walked over to the Ukranian Federation(synagogue turned music venue), easily one of the nicest venues in the city to see Faust.

A couple weeks ago, while looking through my records to find some to sell in the Ukranian's basement over the wkend, I found Faust's Krautrock album. I had never listened to it. It's heavy and noisy and German. I decided at that moment that I should see them, based solely on the fact that I own one of their records. I snagged a seat near the back on the aisle. The show began with who I think was member Jean-Hervé Péron at the back behind the audience with some type of horn. He played it walking around the audience at the back of the room, this happened and more and more people were ushered in. They played exactly what they said Progressive rock from Germany. It was awesome, but I was exhausted from selling records all day and staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning the nights before, so I went home for a nap! Around 1 am I stumbled, still somnolent from my luxurious nap, down to Divan Orange to see Edmonton's Poet Laureate, Rolland Pemberton. The man puts on a show. Before the show started all he did was pace around the stage and floor and make big arms gestures at people he had conversation with. He looked annoyed or nervous or drunk. I believe he was all of them. But as soon as the DJ started his first tune, the party gave way and the dance floor got sweaty. It was pretty consistent the whole way through, except throw in some crowd surfing. Yes. At Divan. Then Rollie surfed and cut his hand on the ceiling fan. I left early because I was so tired.

Sunday I sold at the record fair again and sunday night I saw nothing. Although I do kind of regret not seeing Vincent Moon. I'm sure it was really interesting.

In all, Pop served its purpose for me. I looked forward to these bands all summer and now, in one weekend, it was over. I have no complaints, but that's because I had a delegate pass.

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