Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Runnin around Pop VIP stylz

Kid Koala and The Slew
This show was at La Tulipe which is a beautiful venue, very similar to Cabaret. My friend V and I sat up in the balcony as they weren't letting anyone else on the floor. This was 6 turntables meets the Ex-Wolfmother rhythm section. 6 TURNTABLES! I wish I had a better view. If you are a fan of Kid Koala you wouldn't have believed this was his show. It was rock out with your cock out music. I can't belive I just described something as that.

I popped into catch some of Destroyer. I thought Dan Bejar, one of the minds and very unique voices behind The New Pornographers, was going to play with a full band. But there he was, his wild hair getting in his face standing alone with an acoustic guitar. It was the nicest sounding quiet show I saw throughout the festival.

I was happy to be show hopping with friends, my friends V and a Pop employee, and also an artist in the fest from Korea. It was nice because we are all game to see anything and there wasn't any discussion over leaving a show to see something else, just because we could.

These dudes Chain and The Gang were playing at Lambi and they weren't my cup of tea, as they say. The singer looked like a bad Prince impersonator. The band sounded like they had never played together before, losing rhthym and improvising poorly. Like I said, you can't win 'em all.

We went up to Casa to see who was playing there, to be honest I never caught the bands name and we left shortly after the started playing. Much too noisy for me. The "singer" was wearing a t-shirt that had so much bleach poured on it, it was hardly a shirt anymore, just a piece of fabric with many holes. He looked like he hadn't bathed in weeks. Everything he was wearing had holes or dirt on them. Not my scene.

The aforementioned Nacho Beer Party was happening for a second night in a row and we decided to check it out. Basically a typical Montreal apartment filled with so many hipsters you couldn't move without getting felt up or feeling someone up. All by accident, of course. When word of no beer and no nachos got to us we made our way outta there.

We decided it was Diner time and headed to Mont Royal and St-Denis for some 3am poutine. Had run into this guy a couple times(he's crazy and smart and makes crazy smart music with his gameboy) and found him again where our search for greasy fries and cheese curds ended.

A lovely end to a lovely night.

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  1. Loving your Pop wrap-up!!! So good, so good. I cannot believe you use the word "cock" and "my friend V" in the same paragraph... Hmmm. That's why I heart you.