Thursday, October 1, 2009

Que-est-ce qui ce passe Pop Montreal?

I am fortunate enough to work for one of Pop's major sponsors and scored myself a delegate pass.

The Pop wkend is something I look forward to all year. It always takes place when the leaves are changing and the city smells cleaner than it has all summer. It's usually one of the first wkends that I can start wearing my fall clothes, which are of course my most fashionable. Time to start pulling out cute scarves and hats or mittens. Or pretty tights because bare legs are no longer acceptable once the temperature drops below 15C. It's a time of year when walking home from the Plateau to Mile End is crisp and beautiful. It's my favourite time of year.

Pop Wednesday.
I wanted to see Chub E Pelletier at Divan Orange, but much to my dismay he went on an hour late, so I had a pint of McAuslan Cream Ale and read the Mirror hoping I could catch part of his set before having to move on to my next dice, I left and no one was even close to starting. I wanted to see Holger, this 6 hander of cute Brazillian boys in their twenties playing really fun indie rock. And they lived up to their description. They looked like they just wanted to party. There were two guys banging on the drums, making a wicked rhythm section. The songs were catchy and fun and had the crowd clapping their hands and smiling. A great start to five days of music. On my way back to Divan to see if I could catch MC La Sauce, I was stopped and asked for a light by a nice man who thought I was from Ontario. C'mon Quebecers, there are native anglophones in this province outside Montreal. I swear. I know them, I am one. Get with it. Anyways, moving along, I got back and La Sauce was already tearing up the mic. She's a very pretty, curvy, white girl from Hochelaga Maisoneuve (or HocheMaiMai as I heard a friend once call it) and she rapped about wanting to sleep with big black men and the Montreal Bus system.  She needed to stop playing with her hair extensions though, it made her look really ditsy and for a girl whose rhymes were very clever and bilingual, she could clean up her stage presence a bit. I'm glad I caught her act though. Back up to Lambi(I just hopped between those two venues last night). Ninjasonik just finished as I arrived, they were probably amazing, but missing out on some good bands is all part of the Pop experience, you have to choose wisely. You can't always make the right choice. Matt and Kim, my headliner of the night killed it from the moment they stepped on stage to the moment they left. Kim just smiled as she pounded the drums faster then I had seen anyone play in a while. While Matt played with the crowd and owned the keys playing tight melodies and singing songs that just make you feel good. They were wicked and I am so glad I got to see them. I almost forgot...the crowd surfing! It didn't stop and added a great energy to an already insanely energetic show. Their light up V behind them looked great, I have no idea what it signifies though. I guess part of this writing thing is doing some research, but I just wanted to publish a first post so I wouldn't forget anything!

MC La Sauce
Matt and Kim - Lessons Learned video

Pop Thursday.
Tonight the line up is as follows...
Joel Plaskett
And then hopefully I'll catch the end of the much hyped Fever Ray show. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan, but it seems like THE show to see and I'm lucky enough to go for free, so I have to check it out!
At Studio Just For laughs a ton of local DJs will be spinning until 4am.
CLUES will also be at the Cabaret JFL.
Roxanne Shante which I hope I don't miss should be pretty incredible. The woman is a legend.
And then my buddy Gregory Pepper at 1am is gonna be wicked.

I have a job interview tomorrow, so I feel like I have to pace myself. But seriously, would you take it easy if you had access to every concert in the city for the next five days? I didn't think so.

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  1. Oh man. You make me want to throw myself off a bridge because I'm missing all these amazing shows. Will try to live vicariously through your awesomness.
    Good luck at your job interview. Whatever it is, they'd be crazy not to hire you.