Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A night of handsome men I didn't speak to.

Thursday October 1st

A good man IS hard to find, Joel Plaskett.
You Halogonians sure do breed good men. Plaskett is a tried and true performer and excellent muscian. He and The Emergency played like humble rock stars to a crowd of screaming fans. Everything Joel does sounds great. With the entire band onstage you can hear how tight they are as a group and watching them laugh as they belt out high pitched harmonies you know they're having a good time, which usually means so is the audience. Whether Joel is unplugged and solo or having dueling guitar solos with multi-talented Montrealer Peter Elkas, the sound is always right. I may have missed Fever Ray because Joel and the guys went on late, but I don't mind, because I love seeing him and know that I'm always in for a great show.

Speaking of Fever Ray, this is what I heard throughout the night...

"It was frightening"
"Pop shelled out $5000 for a laser show"
"It was insane, scary electro from Sweden"

I missed it, I can't win 'em all.

I stopped in at Cabaret Just For Laughs to check out Lunice and DJ Barletta. Both are sick DJs with mad skillz! Lunice dances to his music throughout the set as though he was auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, which is awesome. Everything he plays is danceable....and LOUD! I had never seen Torontonian Barletta before, he is a fine addtion to the Mash-up genre a la GirlTalk. Right off the bat he was playing hits and the crowd was going nuts. Everyone there was dancing and sweaty, it looked great.

I headed up to Lambi to check out the Legend Roxanne Shante. I made it in time to see Unkut's B-girls lay it down on the dance floor. I wish I could move and wear belly tops the way they do! One thing I'd like to point out is you know it's a good show if SoCalled is in the audience, the man clearly only likes good music.
Shante took the stage and played "If you know that motherfuckin hiphop song, let me hear you sing along!"...she also did a couple of her own. The majority of the set was name that popular 80's rap and then after about 25mins she left the stage and that was it. The woman wearing gold addidas and matching chain, earings and lame jacket was clearly a legend in her own right, but why only 2 songs? I'm glad I had a pass because had I paid to see her I would have been pretty miffed.

Down the street to Divan Orange was my buddy Gregory Pepper. Greg writes catchy Pop songs. He adds Beach Boys-esque vocals, Queen-like guitar riffs and self-conscious-hipster boyish charm to make.....happiness. I think he is lovely and so much fun to listen to.

On my way home I had to give my little brother a Destroyer ticket I got for him. He was at the Holerado hosted party above Casa Del Popolo, also known as the beer and nacho party. As I strolled up, the hipsters were all eyeing each other, because who was standing there but none other than Win from this band. He's so tall and handsome. And, I mean, just look at this, c'mon fuck, that's fuckin Bowie. Jesus. Love those Mile-End Celeb-sightings.

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